2015 Jul 2
How to make an up-cycled bed and headboard

We’ve been seeing a lot of quick and creative ways to make furniture with salvaged materials. Inspired at how fresh and cool these pieces look, we scrounged around our loading docks, local tire shops and hardware stores for materials we might use to create projects of our own. Here is what we found: a few pallets, old tires, a 4×8 sheet of pegboard and some yarn. And, what we built- a modern and fun bedroom.

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2015 Jul 1
Color of the Month: Inky Blue

Shades of inky blue are a classic home design choice that make a bold statement on walls and give a touch of luxury to accent pieces. Whether you’re looking for the casual comfort of denim, a nautical vibe with navy or some exotic influence with indigo, these inky blue hues complement a variety of styles and existing color palettes. Continue reading »

2015 Jun 28
Our Favorite Links This Week

Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!

2015 Jun 26
Woodland Creature Name Plaque

In our previous post we featured a name plaque with a woodland animal theme.  For this entry I’d like to share the steps I took to create it. Continue reading »

2015 Jun 22
Edible Inspiration

Sometimes, food and your home are inexplicably intertwined – especially during the summer months in Canada. If you are like I am, you take as many opportunities to venture outside during this long anticipated season of warmth. Continue reading »

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