2014 Apr 15
Colorful Easter Edibles

Heading into Easter weekend, it is time to start thinking about spring. Fresh, blooming colors are always welcome this time of year – and none more so than a fragrant arrangement of flowers found on a Sunday brunch table. Continue reading »

2014 Apr 11
Wrought Iron Railings & Balconies

There is a certain element of romance attached to a classic old world styled balcony. Positioned high above the street with their delicate railing metalwork, they always seemed to me like window treatments for the outside of a building. Because they are generally small and narrow, balconies are private spaces at best and add a great deal of charm and character to a home. Continue reading »

2014 Apr 6
The Appeal of Teal


Thinking about sprucing up the outside of the house after a long winter’s nap? Try teal! Continue reading »

2014 Apr 5
Our Favorite Links This Week




Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy


2014 Apr 4
Color of the Month – Yellow

April is the month of renewal, and the time many of us start thinking about spring updates around the house. This year yellow is taking the lead as one of the first colors we see both in nature and as a decorative color. Continue reading »

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