2011 Oct 21
Colorful Doors


A front door is one of the most important architectural features of a house. Think of it as more than a focal point, it is also a welcome sign, enhancing the façade of a house. It directs visitors where to enter a home and helps people transition from the outdoor world to an indoor space. Also, think of a painted door as a piece of costume jewelry or a neck tie: it catches your eye and makes a statement!

With so many functions, it is no wonder we get lots of questions on colors for doors.

The color for a front door depends on several factors. Just like houses, doors come in all shapes, styles and sizes. They can be simple or ornate, large or small. They can have square frames, windows, and feature lovely curves and arches. They can be made out of wood, metal, glass or any combination therein.

Keep in mind that a front door color should work with the home exterior’s body and trim color. Knowing that many homes today are painted neutral tones, this gives you the chance to accent your home’s exterior with a special color.

Some general rules of thumb:

  • Light houses are enhanced by darker colored doors.
  • Dark colored homes will benefit from the lighter colored doors. The contrast for both makes them easier to see.
  • Hidden doorways, or those which might be shaded by a porch or in a covered entry, can benefit from a brightly colored door.
  • Stately looks are achieved with shiny black and brass hardware.
  • Traditional looks come with classic navy, burgundy and forest green.
  • Warm and cool contrasts add excitement to an exterior color scheme:

- A yellow house looks approachable with a blue or green door.

- A green house gets a punch of color with a chili pepper red door.

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blue house looks welcoming with a russet orange door.

- A gray house looks inviting with a red door.

- A black door makes a bold, majestic statement.

Home style is a consideration too! Is your home a show-stopping Victorian? Bright, fresh colors will enhance fanciful architectural embellishments. Do you have a southwestern home? Olive green blends perfectly with adobe colored walls. Live near the sea? A blue door is reminiscent of the beach.

Here are some colorful entrances to historical homes I saw on a street in Gettysburg, PA.

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