2012 Jul 12
Playhouse Paint Project

This was a fun 4th of July project my dad and I did one hot and sunny day while I was home. The kid’s playhouse, a 6’ x 8’ cedar building, was in desperate need of new paint. From start to finish, the whole project took about four hours. 

Tools used:

1)     two gallons of BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Exterior Paint & Primer in One (for walls and trim)

2)     one quart BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Exterior Paint & Primer in One  (for the door)

3)     some stiff wire brushes

4)     one painting pad

5)     a variety of brushes large and small

6)     one ladder for reaching the taller areas

7)     wasp spray to keep bugs from swarming when we removed their nest

Here’s what we did to get this old playhouse from looking tired and weathered to sharp and sparkly for the 4th of July visitors!

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